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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beginning MDS - Creating a Model (Part 2 of 7)

Models are the highest level container within an instance of MDS. Models are created to manage groups of similar data. In BI-speak it’s not much of a stretch to equate a model with a dimension, they’re not exactly the same but thinking about it in this way helps understand the concept. The two classic master data models are that you’ll see in most examples are Product or Customer. Once a model is created we can define objects within it including entities, attributes and hierarchies, among others.


In this walkthrough we're going to create a Geography model to manage our geographical master data. Subsequent walkthroughs will then build other objects inside our Geography model.

Browse to the Master Data Manager page, the primary management web page for MDS found (if default settings are used) at http://localhost/MDS. Click System Administration.


In the Model Explorer page select Manage > Models


In the Model Maintenance screen you will see a list of all the existing models. If you’ve just done a fresh install the only model you’ll see will be Metadata. Click the + button to create a new model.


Name the model Geography and click Save.


The Geography model has now been created.

On to Creating Entities

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