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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beginning MDS - Creating Entities (Part 3 of 7)

One or more Entities can be defined within a model. Entities are the foundational objects within an individual model and serve as the containers for Members, the data records themselves. For example a product model could contain entities such as ProductName, Category, SubCategory and Color to describe and classify the model contents. The Color entity would contain members for Blue, Red, Yellow etc. The ProductName entity would contain the names of the products themselves and so on.


In this walkthrough we're going to create entities for City, StateProvince and CountryRegion

In the Master Data Manager select System Administration which is where we will manage the structures that make up the Geography model.


In the Model Explorer page select Manage > Entities


When we created the Geography model we chose to automatically create an entity with the same name as the model. We’re going to change the name of that auto-created entity from Geography to City. In the Entity Maintenance screen select Geography in the Model dropdown. This will display any entities defined within the model.


Click the line for the Geography entity (the only one there). This will display the tools available to us for working with the selected entity. Click the pencil icon to edit the entity metadata.


In the Edit Entity: City section change the value in the Entity name textbox from Geography to City. Click save when done.


Now we're going to add two new entities. In the Entity Maintenance screen hit the + sign to add a new entity.


In the Add Entity screen enter StateProvince in the Entity name textbox and choose No in the Enable Explicit hierarchies and collections dropdown. Click the Save button.


Create another entity with the same settings but call this one CountryRegion.

Your list of entities should look like the shot below.


On to Creating Attributes

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