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Friday, February 9, 2007

PerformancePoint Monitoring - new elements

Those who have been working, or are familiar, with BSM will know that work is done on elements within a workspace. In BSM there are four elements: Data Sources, Scorecards, Indicators and, of course, KPIs. In PerformancePoint these four elements will be there along with two more. Yes, two. Originally I thought there was only going to be one: Reports. The second is Dashboards. So PPS workspaces will support creation, configuration and management of 6 elements in total.

In short reports replace and greatly enhance what were report views. Just the fact that reports no longer have to be part of the definition of a KPI, Scorecard or Objective opens a lot of doors. Dashboards give us much greater power to lay out and relate our elements within Builder, almost completely avoiding manual work in the WSS environment. I will be writing some more detailed posts about each of the Report and Dashboard elements soon.

In the meantime here is a shot of the workspace browser showing all 6 elements.

Please note that all screenshots and details I'm posting are based on an early build I have seen that MS have kindly allowed me to post about. The usual "subject to change" caveats apply.

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