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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

PerformancePoint news

Charlie Maitland has been keeping us abreast of the latest news on this very interesting product wave while attending the MS Partner BI Bootcamp (wish I could have been there). Two interesting posts from Charlie on PerformancePoint (Biz#) and also BSM & ProClarity's integration into PerformancePoint.

He also raises an excellent point on KPIs which has concerned me a bit too:

"get the BSM, Proclarity, PerformancePoint, Excel, Sharepoint, Visio and SQL Server teams locked together in a padded room with a senior exec who should be armed with a large LART. They should then decide and CLEARLY state what the message is on KPIs. There is way too much confusion about what tools fit where."

Here, here, Charlie!

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