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Thursday, September 7, 2006

At last, a SQL 2005 BI documentation tool!

Since the SQL 2005 release last November we've been hard up to find any doco tools that support SSAS, SSIS & SSRS. There are plenty of RDBMS doco tools but not much (anything?) in the way of a SQL BI tool. Ever since Chris Webb made us aware of BI Documenter in June my colleagues at SDM and I have been working with the developers of this product as we really liked the direction they were headed. We hope that in providing heaps of feedback & ideas we can get a tool that does what we really want. The latest release is well on the way to what we are looking for and supports SSAS and SSIS along with the usual relational DB stuff. Check it out here.

They tell us that future plans for the product include SSRS, data lineage/dependency mapping capabilities and SSIS diagrams. As it stands they have lots of underutilised meta data and are continuing to look for useful things to do with it.

Does anyone know of any other SQL 2005 BI doco tools out there?

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