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Thursday, December 1, 2005

SSAS - Teo Lachev's new book

From SQL MVP Teo Lachev's blog http://prologika.com/CS/blogs/blog/archive/2005/12/01/702.aspx

Let the wave of SQL Server 2005 books begin!

Teo tells us that Applied Microsoft Analysis Services 2005 has just shipped. I read have the two sample chapters he has made available here - looks like a very promising read. His last book, Microsoft Reporting Services in Action, is a valuable addition to any MS BI reference library. I am thinking his latest work will probably fall into the same category.

Have had my copy pre-ordered through Amazon since mid-Nov. Now I play the waiting game which, considering the fact that we are coming up to Xmas and I live in Australia, may take a little longer than usual...

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