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Thursday, December 1, 2005

Another BI blogger south of the equator

Myles Matheson, a New Zealand BI Consultant, has been blogging on Microsoft BI for some time now. I found him through Brian Welker's blog roll recently. Myles has a lot of good stuff on his blog but up until yesterday it was missing the most important thing: a feed! He's created one now so pay him a visit at http://bi-on-sql-server.blogspot.com/

Myles has also asked for suggestions on a good RSS aggregator. Personally, I use RSS Bandit which has (for those who use it) recently released a new version with a few cool new features.

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Darren Gosbell said...

Hey, Nick.

I'm down here too :)

I'm in Melbourne, Victoria. Not quite as far south as Myles. I do dabble in a few areas in addition to BI so my blog is a bit eclectic, but BI is the main focus of my activities.