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Friday, September 23, 2005

SSRB - Where'd my report go?!

There is a good Report Builder GROK talk by Richard Hundhausen available here.

This has been available for a while now but, now that I have a blog, I really wanted to write about it. Soon after this GROK was available in late June I saw a several blog posts saying that RB had a problem/bug/issue during the demo. This is incorrect. RB does exactly what it is designed to do. Watch the video and keep a close eye on where Richard saves his "Contact Report" (at around 7 min 55 secs). He does something we have all done several times in our working lives: inadvertently saved a file to a root directory (in this case "Report Server Home") and then had difficulty finding it again. When he switches back and refreshes Report Manager the newly-created Contact Report can be seen sitting innocently in the Home folder while he looks for it in the other sub-folders. I'm sure when he reviewed the video he stifled a quiet "d'oh!".

Don't worry Richard, I sympathise! ...and I agree: developers hate users :)

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Anonymous said...

"Developers hate users"? Phew...you sure you want to be saying that out loud? :)