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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Enough Pies, I’m Full!

In homage to the Thanksgiving celebration about to take place in the USA I thought I’d place a bet on what I think will be the most overused (and least useful) feature of PPS 2010 analytic reports.

Multiple pie charts!

Those who have used ProClarity will recognize this multi-pie functionality. See how easily you can determine which of the clothing, bikes and components categories sold the most in CY 2008?


I believe that pie charts were included in PPS 2010 as a “required feature” by the sales team. If you listen carefully to some of the PPS team members as they present the latest features you can hear a slight tinge of cynicism in their voices as they say “oh yeah, we support pie charts now too…”

So I ask you, what’s better than a single pie chart?

@PieCounter INT = 1,
@EnoughPies INT = 10 -- enough pies, I'm full!
WHILE @PieCounter < @EnoughPies
'The only thing better than ' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(2), @PieCounter)
' pie chart/s is ' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(2), @PieCounter + 1)
' pie charts!'
SET @PieCounter += 1


Dr John said...

Clearly your coding did not take into account Stephen Few's opinion of pie charts. The code should have been:

@PieCounter INT = 2,
@EnoughPies INT = 10

PRINT 'One pie chart on a dashboard is bad enough'

WHILE @PieCounter <= @EnoughPies
IF (@PieCounter = 10)
PRINT 'A dashboard with 10 pie charts! It must have been designed by Boris Evelson!'
PRINT CONVERT(VARCHAR(2), @PieCounter) + ' pie charts are even worse'
SET @PieCounter += 1
PRINT 'Pie charts really make me sick!'

If you want a laugh, read Stephen's vitriol on Boris Evelson at http://www.perceptualedge.com/blog/?p=637

Nick Barclay said...

Thanks for the code improvement Dr John :)

Anonymous said...

So what you need there is some variable scaling on your pie charts to show relative sales. Would it then become a bubble-pie chart? Or a pie-bubble chart? Maybe you could have a flag sticking up from the centre of each pie with a number on it showing the total pie-size?


Random musings only... no response required.

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