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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good to be an MVP (again)

I was really happy to receive the (non-April Fools) email this morning informing me that I’m an MVP for another year. Very flattering :)


Anonymous said...

Well done mate does that make you a SharePoint or PerformancePoint MVP?


Marcel (Altis NZ)

Geoff Orr said...

Well done. Hope all is well in the US. Finally using Performance Point.

Nick Barclay said...

thanks guys!

Bilgehan Gurunlu said...

Congratulation :))

Paul Hales said...

Top stuff bud, pleasing news.

Brookmyre said...

Hi Nick,

Congratulations on the MVP!

I need some of your legendary PPS skills...

We are trying to replicate some functionality in Performance Point which works in Reporting Services (2005). What we want to be able to do is direct the user to a particular cube on a particular server depending on their username. Here is an example of how we would do this in SSRS (on SQL Central) - http://www.sqlservercentral.com/articles/Development/2945/.

As ever any assistance would be much appreciated,


Nick Barclay said...

John, look towards building in this functionality with a Web Page report that points towards a custom page that implements the logic you need.

Maybe you will get some inspiration from this post (http://nickbarclay.blogspot.com/2008/02/creating-dynamic-web-page-reports.html)


mmoenfly said...

Nick Congrats. I took your advice and put my blog together today. mmoencfi.blogspot.com


Robert Lambrecht said...

Congratulations on being an MVP. I have recently started blogging about Microsoft products. I have posted a link to your blog as I find it valuable.

You can see this post at: