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Thursday, April 17, 2008

PPS Planning Excel Add-In Blog

Peter Eb., one of the developers of the PerformancePoint Planning Excel Add-In and very active contributor/moderator of the Planning TechNet forum, has just started blogging. He's already posted some interesting tips on the add-in's functionality and features. Well worth subscribing.



Peter Eb. said...

Thanks Nick! BTW: Just yesterday I ordered your PPS books for my personal collection. One of these day's I'll publish my PPS/BI blogroll...it will be a great oversight if i forget you

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,
I have a question for you, Is there anyway I can use excel webpart to do the same kind of functionality that a regular Excel-add in does, the scenario is, my client is pretty knowledgble about the business(to the level of dimensons and measures), we are trying to design something generic that is browser based but still has the PPS Excel Addin features, without the end user seeking help from tech guys.We can provide the end user with a little training on the Excel add in. Thanks for the help Nick.

Nick Barclay said...

As far as I am aware there is no web-part that emulates the Excel Add-In functionality. There's a good market out there is you wanted to build one, though :)

Ramon Andrews said...

A great post on the useful add-ins in Excel. Thanks for sharing.