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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rational Guide to Monitoring and Analyzing now available

The Rational Press team have just informed us that The Rational Guide to Monitoring and Analyzing with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 is now available.


Pedro said...

Fantastic Blog!! I will be here again!!!

DanUp said...

Good book, Nick.

On page 163 of PPS M&A book, ("Top 5 Resellers" MDX script), when copied from bonus materials, causes parser to respond w/ error as follows...

"The Query for this view is not valid. Contact the author of this view to fix this problem

Query Error Details...
Parser: The following syntax error occurred during parting: Invalid token, Line 15, Offset 1, #.

Seen this before?

Nick Barclay said...


I think you'll find that you're pasting in the ##Parameters## section into the MDX code - that's causing the error. That section delimited by the hashes is meant for use in the Parameters section at the bottom of the MDX query window.


DanUp said...

Right you are! Thank you.

Jeff said...

I have recently begun working my way throught his book and have encountered problems with the steps in the samples that I cannot get around, cannot figure out and cannot proceed without the text being corrected.

In Chapter 7, page 112, the books states:

"There are several other KPI metrics that are sourced directly form measures in the AdventureWorksPPS cube. Repeat the steps above to configure them using the values in table 7.4."

Then if you look at table 7.4, it tells you to use the "Reseller Ratio to All Products YTD" measure for the Bike Sale % YTD KPI.

The problems with this is that there is NO "Reseller Ration to All Products YTD" measure.

The same is true for the Cost of Sale % YTD KPI, there is no "Reseller Standard Cost of Sale YTD" measure.

Of course here are non-"YTD" versions of each measure, but those are used for the actuals.

Am I missing something? Please help! Thanks :)

Nick Barclay said...

Hi Jeff,

I just double-checked, in the AdventureWorksPPS SSAS cube that ships with the book both measures very definitely do exist. Are you sure you're pointing to the right cube? i.e. not pointing to the AdventureWorks cube that ships with the SSAS samples?


Jeff said...


That was the problem, I wasn't using the project you can download for the book. Thank!

This was driving me crazy :)

Mark Diemel said...

Hi Nick,
Would it be possible for you to send me a description how to install the AdventureWorksPPS sample files? We are currently evaluating the PPS software and are using your rational guides which are absolutely great and even better once we can start playing with the software.

Best regards, Mark Diemel
mark.diemel at ses-newskies.com

Nick Barclay said...

Hi Mark,

AdeventureWorksPPS is simply an SSAS database. Deploy it to your Analysis Server the same way you would for the AdventureWorks sample solution that can be found on CodePlex.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

I am having problems deploying the AdventureWorksPPS Analysis Services database. I have installed the AdventureWorksDW and can see all the tables but when I load up the solution file of AdventureWorksPPS in Visual Studio and try to deploy, I get the following error message:

Errors in the metadata manager. The dimension with ID of 'Dim Customer', Name of 'Customer' referenced by the 'Customer Clusters ~MC' cube, does not exist. Errors in the metadata manager. An error occurred when loading the Customer Clusters ~MC cube, from the file, '\\?\C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.2\OLAP\Data\Adventure Works DW.0.db\Customer Clusters ~MC.1.cub.xml'

Any help would be appreciated.

Nick Barclay said...

Hi Jack,

Not sure what the problem is there, I haven't heard of that problem before when deploying the database we shipped with the book. Customer Clusters is a data mining structure that is part of the standard AdventureWorks SSAS soluton. We removed it from our solution.

I would ensure you have a clean SSAS solution - try downloading it from Rational Press again and redeploy it.