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Saturday, June 23, 2007

PPS M&A - Dashboard Designer Bulk Editing

PPS Monitor and Analyze CTP3 is out and available from Connect for those who have signed up. There are tons of features we knew were coming that we now get to play with in this release. There is tons to blog about.

In CTP3 Dashboard Designer adds a small but very significant development feature: Bulk Editing. As the name suggests this allows us to edit a whole group of the same element type at a time.

KPIs are a great example, consistent definitions and meta data make for easier, better scorecard development. However, as anyone who has worked with BSM will tell you, making the same change to a whole bunch of KPIs is not a difficult thing, just one that is very click intensive and monotonous...and when there are many changes to make to many KPIs, you always tend to forget one.

In DD bulk editing allows us to select multiple elements and change the same property for all of them at once. Things like:

  • adding a new target
  • changing the name of a target or actual
  • changing the element owner
  • adding custom properties
  • changing the number format
  • setting the same threshold boundaries

This is not only a feature to make changes to elements en masse but also a great way help ensure the bits of elements that should be the same are the same (quickly).

Simple feature, great productivity (and quality) improver.

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