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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The Rational Guide to BSM 2005

At present, counting the number of books dedicated to BSM 2005 is easy: zero. In 2007 that will change. I'm happy to announce that the Rational Guide to Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005 will be available very early next year (probably mid to end of January).

During the last couple of months my co-author, Adrian Downes, and I have been putting this book together under the watchful eye of our technical editor, Ian Tien. We hope it will provide a quick, concise guide to those who want to get up to speed on BSM in very little time.

...and now the inevitable question on the tip of your tongue. Kindly allow me to both ask and answer it for you:

"Nick, Adrian, what are you doing publishing a book on BSM now?! PerformancePoint is coming out in around seven months!"

Precisely. A good understanding of how to really make BSM sing and dance now will pay dividends in mid 2007. PP only enhances, improves and extends the ease with which scorecarding solutions can be produced. Prior experience with the design paradigms in BSM will allow new PP designers to hit the ground running, fast. Naturally we have included a chapter on some of the upcoming improvements and changes that will be present in the scorecarding (Monitor) part of PerformancePoint too.


Stefano Demiliani said...

Great news. I'm reviewinf some Wrox books and seeing that you're writing a book about BSM is a good news, because I'm planning to work with this tool on some future projects. can't wait to read your books, I hope it will cover from the basic to the advanced aspects. Oh, and another request: examples, examples, examples... :)

Nick Barclay said...

Hi Stefano,

If it's examples you're after then I don't think you'll be disappointed :)


Anonymous said...

Definitely good news - even if PPS2007 is comming up/out just around the corner.
The price structure on PPS2007 might even pursuade some organizations to stick with BSM if only scorecarding/monitoring is wanted.
Christian Damborg