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Friday, December 15, 2006

BIDS problems related to Office 2007

I have just installed Office 2007 RTM (love it!). Unfortunately the same problem that caused me to revert from the Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh back to Office 2003 a few months ago is still here. In my case the problem occurs when trying to view MDX in the Calculations tab of an SSAS project in BIDS. I get: Unexpected error occurred: 'Error in the application.' From my understanding there is a mismatch in the versions of some of the SSAS DLLs that causes this. There are several other scenarios in BIDS and SSMS where problems occur, they are documented in this KB article. Brian Welcker also blogged about the B2TR problem a while back with regards to SSRS Designer problems with the same root cause. Unfortunately the hotfix referenced in the aforementioned KB article is only available when you contact MS support directly (someone has to explain the logic behind this for me one day... I don't understand why I can't just download it).

I believe there is a fix for this coming in SQL 2005 SP2 but for those who cannot wait for RTM a viable alternative exists here from Mary Potapova in this post or similarly in Brian's post. The fix is, essentially, making sure the versions of the offending DLLs are the same in a couple of different directories - it worked for me. The usual warnings apply here when copying and pasting different versions of DLLs around the place.

UPDATE: Darren Gosbell blogged about this very problem (and the solution) back in mid Nov. For some reason I completely forgot that I had read his post on this. I'm getting old.


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