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Friday, March 10, 2006

Wiring the Web - How about KPIs?

At O’Reilly’s Emerging Technology Conference Ray Ozzie presented the idea of a "Live Clipboard for the web". It's easier to point to one of Scoble's posts - Ray's Speech Spreading - to show some of the non-MS-Kool-Aid responses to the concept. This does not look to be one of those "cool concepts" that gets a lot of hype and then dies a quiet death a few weeks later, I think we'll be using this soon.

Instead of me trying to explain the whole idea badly you can read it in a post from the man himself. If you've got a couple minutes take the time to read it and look at some of the screencast samples and the working sample page.

OK, if you've just come back from reading the post & viewing the samples... Can you see why so many around the world are so excited by this idea? So simple but so powerful, like RSS. The examples use standard schemas defined for Contacts, Calendar Entries and other every-day things. What was I thinking about? KPIs. I know I'm thinking of data that's a little more involved than a simple address or phone number but still... In my continuing bid to do less front-end work I thought it would be great to have a standardised wire-the-web-type KPI schema. Think of it, create the KPIs and deploy them to a page that supports Live Clipboard functionality. Users can simply pick & choose, then cut, paste & wire up whatever KPIs they want! DIY Scorecards. Once the overall standards for this new paradigm have been agreed on and documented what would it take for Ian Tien and the BSM team to get together with other Scorecard vendors and decide on a standard schema for KPIs? C'mon, if the IE and Mozilla guys can get together and agree on an RSS icon then this is certainly not out of the question.

Judging by the reaction of quite a lot of influential people to the idea of Wiring the Web it may be sooner than we think before we see the concept become a reality. Maybe the standardised KPI schema will become a reality soon thereafer...:)

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