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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Word - Draw Table

Who would have thunk it, a useful feature in Office that goes unnoticed!

We all love writing documentation, right? Right? ...neither to I. Documentation in the majority of organisations is done in Word and in most cases relies heavily on Word-based tables to organise data. How many of you use "Table -> Draw Table" instead of "Table -> Insert -> Table" to create tables? I'd never even tried using Draw Table until our principal BA stumbled upon this functionality just a few weeks ago; and he is no stranger to Word.

Draw Table literally allows you to do just that: Draw the table. The functionality is all there in the Tables and Borders toolbar which comes to life as soon as you select the "Draw Table" option. Even the most complex tables with nested cells are simple when you can just draw where you want the cells to be split or even erase a line, or parts of lines, that you don't want. Try it!

This is just another example of an Office feature that you've seen on the menu but never realised just how useful it is. I consider Draw Table a definite forehead-slapper because I've done it the hard way for so very long now - and I hate doing things the hard way.

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