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Thursday, September 22, 2005

The very first post!

OK, so here we go - my very first blog post. I have learned so much from other people's blogs during the last year, I felt it was about time I made a contribution to the Blogosphere myself.

This blog will be mainly focused on the fast evolving world of Microsoft Business Intelligence. In working for an MS partner I have been given a great opportunity to see some of the fantastic things are going to be coming out of Redmond during the coming year or two. We all know that the imminent release SQL Server 2005 is going to lay the foundation for what is going to be a great platform for BI professionals. Well, there's more... and I'm looking forward to blogging about some of the cool stuff that will be appearing on the MS horizon when I am able to.

In the meantime, hope you enjoy the blog. Would love to hear any feedback anyone has.


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Online Wong PoKér Hu said...

Congratulation on your very fist post. I am glad that the topic you chose is about Microsoft. I have been waiting for people to tackle Microsoft topics.