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Friday, January 23, 2009

R.I.P. PerformancePoint Server

I just love a good premature leak, don’t you? Let’s spell it together… N-D-A.

Anyhoo the announcement has now been made officially on The BI Blog along with an explanatory video from Guy Wiesmantel. PerformancePoint Server, as a standalone product, is being retired. There are two main takeaways from this announcement:

1. Monitoring & Analytics will live on and is to be incorporated into future versions of MOSS Enterprise. So M&A is staying but will be considered a part of MOSS, to be known as “PerformancePoint Services”. I would assume this embedded version of M&A will completely replace the current (and very ordinary) BI/dashboarding capabilities that are bundled with MOSS Enterprise.

2. The Planning part of the PPS product is being retired. Naturally, it will still be supported up until its end-of-life but that will be it. Aside from a to-be-released SP3 no further PPS Planning development will happen. Budgeting & forecasting functionality as is currently provided by Planning will no longer be part of the MS BI stack.

Interesting times…


Oudi Antebi said...
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Oudi Antebi said...

"M&A capabilities" will go to SPS not the exact same products.... read carefully what they say

MSFT has sent home all BI sales people....

Microsoft BI is not down to some features in Office and SPS and will not be a full blown Enterprise BI solution

read our take on the story: http://panorama.com/blog/?p=129

Anonymous said...

Not true at all that MSFT has sent home all BI sales people, I work in the field as BI sales and all of my colleagues are still here selling the new PerformancePoint Services. This is just FUD from a scared competitor

Anonymous said...

Oudi Antebi is soooooo obvious with his FUD @ Panorama and self promotion. It is becoming boring and won't win them any fans when the SQL Server BI Refresh comes back to haunt them